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Road Tripping with Your Mountain Bike?

By June 13, 2024Uncategorized

road tripping with mountain bike

Road Tripping with Your Mountain Bike?  Here’s What Spare Mountain Bike Parts and Tools to Bring

Are you planning to hit the road with your bike this summer? Summer is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to hit the road. If you’re traveling with your bike this summer, you’ll want to be sure you have everything you need for a quick repair. Whether you’re on the road to explore new destinations on two wheels, hitting the bike park for the weekend, or heading to a race, you’ll need a field kit you can count on to keep you riding when things go wrong. Continue reading below for Road Tripping with Your Mountain Bike?  Here’s What Spare Mountain Bike Parts to Bring.

spare mountain bike partsEssential Mountain Bike Spare Parts

Spare Inner Tube

Today’s tires are largely tubeless, but a spare inner tube can still get you out of a pinch. When sealant or patches just aren’t doing the job, an inner tube can get you back and riding. Make sure you travel with the right size inner tube for your tire. An inner tube should definitely be on your list of mountain bike parts and tools to travel with.

Spare Tire

While it may not fit in our MTB Field Kit, if you’re destination riding, we suggest traveling with a spare tire for severe flats. While a spare inner tube is vital, sometimes an inner tube alone isn’t enough for a gnarly flat. No one likes pushing their bike back to the car to change a tire, but it’ll allow you to keep riding for the duration of your trip.

Valve Cores

Like tires and inner tubes, valves can also fall victim to wear over time. If you are running a tubeless setup, it’s only a matter of time before the core is fouled with old sealant and will not allow air to flow. Having a spare (and carrying it with you when riding) can be clutch when dealing with tire issues. Replacing a valve core requires a special tool available on our Wheelie Wrench Pro™ or on the cap of our Nut Jobs™ Tubeless Valve Stems.

Chain Breaker

Several of our tools have a compact chain breaker if you need to remove you chain trailside / roadside. But if you need to do more serious maintenance back at your hotel or camp, it’s nice to have a larger, more ergonomic chain breaker. The MTB Field Kit comes with a dedicated chain breaker that’s easy to use and travels nicely.

chain breakerChain breaker included with MTB Field Kit

Pedal Wrench

If you are switching pedals between bikes or building a bike from a travel case on the road, our MTB Field Kit comes with a full-size 8 mm pedal wrench to get you riding quickly.

Chain Lube

Chain lube combats dust and grime buildup on your chain. It reduces friction, provides smoother rides, and prolongs chain life. Pack chain lube in your kit for regular maintenance.

Spoke Wrench

A dedicated spoke wrench can get your wheel straight after a crash or after some rough riding.

Air Pump with Pressure Gauge

Proper tire inflation is critical for performance and safety. An air pump and pressure gauge ensure you can maintain the correct tire pressure, providing a smooth and efficient ride.


Our multi-tool is the Swiss Army knife of biking. It includes all the critical metric sized wrenches to perform maintenance and repairs in a small travel size package.

Don’t let regular maintenance or repairs get in the way of your riding. Next time you hit the road, take our signature MTB Field Kit. With 16 mountain bike tools and accessories, you’ll have everything you need for service while away from your garage.

mtb spare parts bag