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New Sierra Trails

By November 26, 2023Uncategorized

Shaver Lake

A few weeks ago we had some time to check out some new trails in the Shaver Lake area of the Sierra. We ended up near the north shore of the lake riding a great network of trails. In this article, we’ll focus on one trail in particular – Thunderstruck.

Our friends at Yosemite Southgate Trail Cooperative have created a masterpiece. This trail is just under 3 miles (top to bottom) with about 1500′ of plunge. You can climb it or shuttle. We opted to shuttle. Be ready for big rock rolls, optional jumps and drops, berms, and more. This area of the Sierra is owned by Southern CA Edison power company and they have allowed public access and trail building. The hydroelectric power that comes from this drainage allows a unique experience to access the High Sierra via a narrow road going up and over Kaiser Pass. Just to the north or south is protected wilderness only accessible on foot and often times by permit only. With SCE allowing this kind of trail building, it will be interesting to see what this area brings in terms of new MTB options going forward.

Some resources – https://www.trailforks.com/ (Search for Shaver Lake, CA – note: subscription required) https://southgatetrails.org/ If you ride any trails in the region, please donate! SHOUT OUT TO CODY!