MTB Field Guide™


Stay organized with the MTB Field Guide™. Jot down your suspension settings or setup particulars. Tips from industry veterans.

    The MTB Field Guide™ is your bike setup guide that you never knew you needed, until now. Having trouble getting your suspension dialed? Start by jotting down where you are starting. Need help getting your sag setup? Read the article by Fox Factory. When was the last time you replaced your chain? Write down the date in the maintenance log and read up on drivetrain care, courtesy of Shimano. Curious how some of the pros setup up their bikes? Analyze the bikes of Aaron Gwin and Hans Rey. Bored en route to your next bike destination? Read up on Hans Rey’s epic adventures.


    • Suspension setup log
    • Bike setup log
    • Maintenance log
    • Pro rider setup
    • Sag setup guide with Fox Factory
    • Drivetrain care with Shimano
    • Hans Rey adventure storytelling